Raven Life

Valheim Raven Life 2024 Instructions (when installing with prior mods in the folder)


1.) Go to your SysTray and double-click Steam.

2.) In Steam's main window, click Library (upper left side).

3.) When you see your list of games on left side of screen, left click Valheim.

4.) Right click Valheim, move mouse to "Manage", then "Browse local files" then left click.

5.) Hold Control and left click: BepInEx, doorstop_libs and unstripped_corlib folders, then hit delete on keyboard.

6.) Download Valheim Modpack here [329mb].

7.) Open Zip in 7zip.

8.) Select all files and folders in 7Zip, hold left mouse button and drag and drop to root Valheim game folder.

9.) Overwrite any files if prompted.

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